Cheyenne Mullen

Cheyenne is a Canadian-born freelance writer, social media researcher, and incurable Instagram junkie who obsesses over Netflix, coffee, and every pet she sees. She is currently raising a reckless little kitten named Bella.

DiOGi Pet Services Logo on Mug

16 Reasons You Need to Take Your Pet to DiOGi Pet Services & Training

DiOGi is an innovative pet sitting service that will not only work with your schedule, but will also work with the unique needs of your “furry, feathered, or scaly baby.”

brown dog at puppy haven in atlanta

15 Reasons You Need to Take Your Pup to Puppy Haven in Atlanta!

While Atlanta’s spirit animal is technically the Phoenix, I’d like to think that at the heart of every Atlantan there’s a wide-eyed, furry, four-legged pal.

dog at barking hound village in Atlanta

31 Reasons You Need to Take Your Pup to Atlanta’s Barking Hound Village!

There are two things I know about Atlantans: we love our Chick-Fil-A Sweet Tea and we love our dogs.

dog dressed up as waldo

17 Reasons You Need to Take Your Pup to Bark ATL!

If I know one thing about Atlanta (besides having one too many Peachtree Streets), it’s that we love our pets. Our pets are our number ones. And when you’re trying to balance your personal and professional life while raising a pup, it can be tough. Your pup is your wingman, best friend, and cuddle buddy…

Dog Days Atlanta Office With Beautiful Sky

28 Reasons You Need to Take Your Pup to Dog Days Atlanta…

Close that Instagram app, grab that latte, and let’s do this.