Two Friendly Dogs that are Playing in the Mud

My Dog Wants to Say “Hello!” How To Handle an Overly-Friendly Dog

A friendly dog is great, but an overly friendly dog is overwhelming.

Black Lab with Tongue Sticking Out of His Mouth

Adopting vs. Shopping, What’s the Difference and What’s Better?

If you’re considering adding a four-legged friend to your family, the first thing you need to decide is where you will get him.

Kardashian Promo from 2007

If the Kardashians Were Dog Breeds…

No matter what you think of the Kardashians, you have to admit that they are all glamourous.

Australian Cattle Dog with Beautiful Eyes

Dog Breeds Best Suited for Living in Tropical, Hot Weather

It all comes down to body type.

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6 Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Dog from a Shelter

It can be an overwhelming experience, but we’re here to help.

Black Bulldog Service Dog

How Do Dogs Detect Seizures?

A service canine can warn those who suffer from epileptic seizures up to an hour before an oncoming attack.

Dog with a Cone around his Neck in a Car after Surgery

How To Keep Your Dog Calm Post Surgery

Keeping a dog from running or playing around is not an easy task.

Weimaraner outside in Tropical Location

What are Some High Energy Dog Breeds?

A high energy dog fit for an active family.

Gerberain Shepsky with Bright Blue Eyes

The Gerberian Shepsky, the German Shepherd and Husky Mix

It is hard not to fall in love with this dog’s piercing blue eyes and thick, fluffy coat.

Dog at Vet's Office

How to Help Your Dog’s Allergies

It is of the utmost importance that you learn everything you can on how to help your dog’s allergies.

Small White Poodle

Why Do Dog’s Have Seizures?

Seizures are the #1 reported brain/nerve condition in dogs.

Police Dogs with their Handlers

What Jobs Can Dogs Do for People? Service Dogs? Fire Dogs?

In the canine world, there are various careers to be had.

Dog Searching in Grass

Gross! Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Poop?

It’s extremely unnatural for dogs to develop this gross habit.

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The Bullmatian, the Bulldog and Dalmatian Mix

He may have the tough Bulldog look, but this dog is no tough guy.

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Top 10 Dog-Friendly Hiking Areas in Atlanta

Feel like going for an adventure with your dog?

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The Top 10 Dog Friendly Hikes in the U.S.

Selected for their amazing beauty and rated by their difficulty.

Dog at the Vet's Office

How to Recognize and Prevent Dehydration in Dogs

Dehydration in dogs is a serious—sometimes deathly—condition.

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What’s the Benefit of Hiring a Dog Walker?

Your dog needs companionship, love, exercise, stimulation and a social life.

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What is ADHDog? A Solution to Your Hyperactive Dog, That’s What!

Their interactive pet products will soon be changing the lives of many pet parents.

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How to Go Backpacking with Your Dog and Not Make it a Hassle

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