Black Schnauzer with Dog Muzzle

What are the Pros and Cons of Dog Muzzles?

Dog muzzles? Are they good or bad?

Cheweenie Laying Down on Blankets

Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix, the Chiweenie

When you mix two tenacious, ornery and clownish dog breeds, what you get is a spectacular handful.

Two Dogs Lying Together on Blue Carpet

How to Help Tylenol Poisoning in Dogs

Dog’s systems are very different than ours, and over the counter pain meds will make them very, very sick.

Dog Laying Down Dog Whiskers

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?

The main reason dogs have whiskers is to better navigate the world around them.

Tan French Bulldog Tongue Out

The Best French Bulldog Breeders in North America

The French Bulldog is one canine that gets a lot of attention no matter where it goes.

Dog Aromatherapy Border Collie

How and Why Dog Aromatherapy Can Help Your Dog

An alternative, natural option to many of our dog’s ailments.

Dog in Airport

How to Fly with Your Large Dog!

There are a number of things that you need to know.

Panda Dog with Chinese Toddler

Panda…Puppies? All You Need to Know about the Panda Chow Chow

These distinctive black-and-white, fluffy dogs are all the rage in China these days.

Poodle in Colorful Photo

What are some Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds?

Have you given up on the dream of having a cuddly pooch to call your own?

Three Greyhounds Outside

What’s the Difference between the Greyhound vs. the Galgo

Many sighthounds are similar in body shape and some are even similar in personality, but no two breeds are alike.

Doberman with Green Hint in Eyes

58 Fun Facts about Dobermans…#8 is Inspiring!

The Doberman is often seen as a fierce, protective, intimidating breed.

Labrador Retriever in Field in Scotland

72 Lab-tastic Facts about Labrador Retrievers

Voted America’s Favorite Breed for the last 24 years…

Samoyed on Train Tracks

58 Fun Facts about Samoyeds…52 is Life Changing

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Egg Yolk on Tennis Paddle

Can Dogs Eat Eggs? Yes or No?

Are my pet’s nutritional needs being met?

Paws Atlanta Animal Shelter 50th Year Banner

Here are the Top Rescue and Adoption Animal Services in Atlanta!

Check out the top rescue shelters/organizations in Atlanta that are doing a stellar job in the field of rehoming animals.

Basenji in Sweater Outdoors

Is the Basenji Right for You?

They’re known to be the bad roommate in the dog world.

Lyme Disease in Dogs Dog at Vet

Help! My Dog has Lyme Disease

In an attempt to save you from panic-induced googling, here’s the gist of Lyme disease.

Saint Bernard Standing Tall in Snowy Forest

65 Incredible Fun Facts about Saint Bernards

The Saint Bernard has been a beloved breed of dog for hundreds of years.

Rin Tin Tin the Movie Star

Spot? Buddy? Wishbone? Famous T.V. Dogs You Need to Know About

Hollywood has gone to the dogs.

Calvin Coolige with his Dog and Wife outside the White House

First Dog? Presidential Dogs in the White House

Man’s best friend in the White House.