Dog From a Painting Chewing on a Page from a Book

BO-ZING! 8 Most Popular Dogs in Literary Fiction

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Dog on Hillside in San Francisco, California

The Top Dog-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

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Kardashian Promo from 2007

If the Kardashians Were Dog Breeds…

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Dog on a Bridge in Georgia

Top 10 Dog-Friendly Hiking Areas in Atlanta

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Black Dog Hiking on Trail

The Top 10 Dog Friendly Hikes in the U.S.

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Two Weimaraners Playing with Toy Outside in Yard

65 Fun Facts about Weimaraners!

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Labrador Retriever in Field in Scotland

72 Lab-tastic Facts about Labrador Retrievers

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Samoyed on Train Tracks

58 Fun Facts about Samoyeds…52 is Life Changing

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Rin Tin Tin the Movie Star

Spot? Buddy? Wishbone? Famous T.V. Dogs You Need to Know About

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Calvin Coolige with his Dog and Wife outside the White House

First Dog? Presidential Dogs in the White House

Man’s best friend in the White House.

Pug Wearing a Heart Hat in Honor of Valentines Day

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs

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Brixtix Dog Bakery with Pit Bull Kingston

Yum! Dog Bakeries in Atlanta You Wish Were For You

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Dogs Hunting Mountain Lion in Tree Painting

Take a Leap into History…Where Do Dogs Come From?

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Black Newfoundland Shaggy Hair in Snow

57 Fun Facts about Newfoundlands—Learn about these Big Hunks of Love

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Smokey Grey Kitten Standing on Hind Legs

Sometimes I Get So Distracted from My Cat’s Cuteness…Cutest Cats of Instagram

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Two Golden Retrievers Cuddling on the Couch

Can’t get away from the Retrievers? Here are 16 Golden Retriever photos you can’t miss!

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Great Dane and Boston Terrier Sleeping Together on Sofa

The 21 Best House Dogs! Plus The Reason Why They Are So Great…

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Min Pin Chihuahua Mix

The Min Pin Chihuahua Mix Is Awesome! Here’s Why…

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Long Haired German Shepherd Dog Tin Tin

The Long Haired German Shepherd…Why Are They So Awesome?

Traditionally, we know the German Shepherd to have a short coat, but every once-in-awhile one of those GSD genes will go “rogue.”

Blue Fawn French Bulldog Puppy Looking Confused

Ever Heard of the Blue Fawn French Bulldog? You Need To!

I See London, I See France, I See…French Bulldogs?