The Shelter Pet Project PSA

What is the Shelter Pet Project?

Animal abuse, dog fights, and puppy mills. . . oh my! The Shelter Pet Project is saving one animal at a time.

Serena Williams Playing Doubles

Serena Says Goodbye: Tennis Champ’s Heart Wrenching Farewell to Her Dog

Serena William’s Jack Russell terrier, was there for her when she got home after she won her very first Grand Slam.

Fedwell Dog Food Stand

FedWell Pet Foods—So High Quality, You’ll Be Tempted to Pour Yourself a Bowl

It’s important to question what “dog appropriate food” really means. Shouldn’t we be feeding dogs food with pure, understandable ingredients? FedWell, a new dog food brand, thinks so.

Therapy dog in library, a part of a reading group for children

Therapy Dogs are Going Back to School…to Help Kids!

Therapy dogs come in all shapes and sizes and are not only dedicated to bringing hope, happiness and even pain relief to their charges, but now they’re going back to school to sniff out those reluctant readers!

dobrynya the russian puppy

Russia Gives France a Puppy…This is a Powerful Gesture!

Moscow has offered Paris a very special gift to show their solidarity in the face of the terrorist attacks.

diesel, the paris police dog, and the medal he earned

This Paris Police Dog is a True Hero…She Deserves Our Thanks!

She was a respected colleague, as many of her fellow officers noted.

joe the therapy dog smiling

This Navy Dog is a Hero…But Not in the Way You Might Think!

Dogs helping human beings is a story that goes back thousands of years.

check out three dogs with the new taiwan style of dog haircut

It’s Hip to Be Square (As a Dog) in Taiwan

Asia has, for quite some time, been infamous for introducing new weird and wonderful trends to the West.

golden retriever on duke university's campus

Pets in College Dorms? Yes…Here’s Why Colleges are Allowing it!

Yet more colleges than ever before are moving toward more liberal attitudes when it comes to having a furry friend.

terrence cody in uniform

Former NFL Star Found Guilty of Animal Neglect…

Terrence Cody, a former player for the Baltimore Ravens, has been placed on trial for animal cruelty and drug charges in the Baltimore County Circuit Court.

kiah the police dog with her partner

Pit Bull on the Police Force? Meet Kiah!

Kiah is a pit bull, one of only a few pit bulls that have found their way onto the police force.

disco the dog playing with a ball

Disco’s Back—After 5 Years, a Lost Dog Finds Her Way Home

Rebecca adored her little dog Disco—a two-year old Maltese terrier— and was heartbroken when she disappeared in 2010.

baby hope on her wedding day

Tying the Knot for a Quarter Million—How One Pampered Puppy Broke a World Record

In fact, her wedding broke a world record—the one for the most expensive animal wedding ever.

Bella and her service dog George

A Truly Great Great Dane Works Miracles for His Little Mistress

Bella Burton is a chipper, hopeful 11-year-old who loves going to the beach, sledding, and all the things little girls usually love.

Huge Group of Bunnies Surrounding a Girl

Japan’s Adorable (and Mysterious!) Rabbit Island Will Make You Squeal

Japan has a small island with over 700 bunny inhabitants. Get ready for an overload of cuteness.

Cat Sitting on Marijuana in Space

Cats and Marijuana… What You Need to Know!

Instead of letting marijuana curiosity kill your cat, let’s take a look at what some people are saying about kitties and weed.

Trouble the Cat is the Longest Cat in the World

The Biographies of the Biggest Cats in the World…This is a Fun Read!

Interested in having a cat big enough to spoon with?

Jim Harbaugh and a Chocolate Lab

Jim Harbaugh has a doppelganger…and it’s a dog!

It’s that time of year in college football where fans get very mad if their team has more L’s than W’s.

Marnie the Dog in Paris

Instagram’s Most Popular Pooch: Marnie the Dog

With 1.8 million followers, “Marnie the Dog” is Instagram’s most popular American pup, due in part to her very unique appearance. The little Shih Tzu’s head is permanently and adorably tilted, an appearance only enhanced by her too-long chronically lolling tongue.