Golden Hamster Close Up

47 Fun Facts About Teddy Bear Hamsters

Hamsters can’t juggle or sing so they will most likely come in last place in a talent show.


748,000 People Have Ferrets as Pets…Here’s Why They’re So Loved!

What makes this weasel-like animal so loved and adored?

Black Horse Plays Equine Soccer

Bend it Like Zorba! Equine Soccer is a Thing!

You heard us right! Horse soccer is a thing.

How to Clean a Dirty Fish Tank

How to Clean a Fish Tank, a Step-By-Step Guide

Biweekly or monthly tank cleaning is a must. With our step-by-step guide, your tank will be swimmingly-clean in no time.

King Cobra Ready to Strike

The 21 Reasons Why Having a Pet Snake is Scary…All the Time!

Could it be the snake’s ability to stare for long periods-of-time or just the fact that it’s eyes seem so “dead” and emotionless that has me running in the opposite direction? Here are the 21 reasons why snakes are scary, ALL THE TIME.

Leopard Gecko Crawling Out of Log

Help! My Leopard Gecko Isn’t Eating. What Do I Do?

Don’t panic! Yes, this is easier said than done, but there are several mundane reasons a leopard gecko may stop eating for a short time.

Lilly the Hero Pit Bull

Five Animal Heroes to Inspire You

Animals aren’t always the rescued—sometimes, they’re the rescuers. Here are five amazing animal hero stories to inspire you!

Goldfish in 10 Gallon Fish Tank

The FIVE Best 10 Gallon Fish Tanks on the Market Today

Most beginners feel comfortable with the good ‘ole 10 gallon tank. This aquarium is big enough to house a nice variety of fish, yet small enough to be manageable.

African Dwarf Caiman Coming Out of the Water

Thinking about Getting a Reptile? Here’s the Ultimate Guide You Have to See!

When we think about embarking on the journey of pet parenthood, we most likely entertain the thoughts of a furry companion like a cat or dog; but there is another side of the pet-coin, reptiles!

Green, Brown, and Orange Bearded Dragon

How Long Do Bearded Dragons Live?

Bearded dragons are a popular pet around the world, but it’s important to understand that owning a bearded dragon represents a serious commitment

Close Up of Blue Parrot Perched on a Ledge

What’s It Like to Have a Pet Parrot?

Unless you’ve been a pet parent to a parrot, or at least know someone with one of these feathery pals, you may be a bit “bird-brained” when it comes to all things parrot-related.

Black and White Guinea Pig

The Best Guinea Pig Cages On the Market Today!

There are many different types of cages and housing options on the market today, but none like the C&C Cage.

Close up Continental Giant Bunny Rabbit Lying by the Fire Cover

Thinking About Getting a Bunny Rabbit? Here’s the Ultimate Guide You Have to See!

This rabbit is one of the largest and oldest breeds and is thought to have hailed as far back as the 16th century!

blue and red betta fish

44 Fun Facts About Betta Fish…#22 is Fascinating!

You may have seen these gorgeous fish separated swimming around in their own personal “drinking cups” at your local pet retailer.

hamster on a beach chair

How Long do Hamsters Live?

If you’re looking to get your very own lil’ hamster buddy, it’s good to know what you’re in for in terms of responsibility.

white guinea pig in black glasses

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live?

If you’re looking for a new rodent buddy, bear in mind that a guinea pig is a longer commitment than some of his cousins.

Huge Group of Bunnies Surrounding a Girl

Japan’s Adorable (and Mysterious!) Rabbit Island Will Make You Squeal

Japan has a small island with over 700 bunny inhabitants. Get ready for an overload of cuteness.

Three Unbelievably Beautiful Horses Running

3 Unbelievably Beautiful Horses You Didn’t Know Existed!

You know how illustrated and animated horses are always just impossibly, ridiculously beautiful? Like this? This horse is better looking than me. Well, actually they aren’t. That is, they’re not impossibly beautiful, and we’ve got proof! Beautiful breeds, crossbreeds, and coat colors that pop, coming right up. Friesian-Appaloosa Cross—Powerful, Graceful, Unique The Friesian Appaloosa Cross…

Brown Rabbit on Standing on a Rug

Rabbits as pets? Heck yeah…Here’s why!

Rabbits want to spend time with his or her pet parent and will actually develop a close bond with this person.

White Pet Mouse Eating a Piece of Cheese

Do pet mice really eat cheese? The answer might surprise you!

One of the great things about this rodent is it is relatively easy to care for with its dietary needs.