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What is ADHDog? A Solution to Your Hyperactive Dog, That’s What!

Their interactive pet products will soon be changing the lives of many pet parents.

Cat Coming out of Litter Box

Natural Cat Litter: the Pros and Cons

Love it or hate it, you can’t live without it when you have a cat.

Blue Spot Pets

Blue Spot Pets: At Home Treatment for Your Dog

There’s a wide-need for at-home treatments; Blue Spot Pets plans to fill that need.

Songs for Dogs and the People that Love Them

Songs for Dogs and The People that Love Them

Turn on Songs for Dogs? Check—wait, what?

Dog-E-Glow Light up LED Collars

The 6 Cool Dog Leashes Every Dog Wants to be Seen Wearing

What are the six coolest, urge-satisfying leashes on the market today?

Fedwell Dog Food Stand

FedWell Pet Foods—So High Quality, You’ll Be Tempted to Pour Yourself a Bowl

It’s important to question what “dog appropriate food” really means. Shouldn’t we be feeding dogs food with pure, understandable ingredients? FedWell, a new dog food brand, thinks so.

Goldfish in 10 Gallon Fish Tank

The FIVE Best 10 Gallon Fish Tanks on the Market Today

Most beginners feel comfortable with the good ‘ole 10 gallon tank. This aquarium is big enough to house a nice variety of fish, yet small enough to be manageable.

Black and White Guinea Pig

The Best Guinea Pig Cages On the Market Today!

There are many different types of cages and housing options on the market today, but none like the C&C Cage.

brown dog at puppy haven in atlanta

15 Reasons You Need to Take Your Pup to Puppy Haven in Atlanta!

While Atlanta’s spirit animal is technically the Phoenix, I’d like to think that at the heart of every Atlantan there’s a wide-eyed, furry, four-legged pal.

dog at barking hound village in Atlanta

31 Reasons You Need to Take Your Pup to Atlanta’s Barking Hound Village!

There are two things I know about Atlantans: we love our Chick-Fil-A Sweet Tea and we love our dogs.

dog dressed up as waldo

17 Reasons You Need to Take Your Pup to Bark ATL!

If I know one thing about Atlanta (besides having one too many Peachtree Streets), it’s that we love our pets. Our pets are our number ones. And when you’re trying to balance your personal and professional life while raising a pup, it can be tough. Your pup is your wingman, best friend, and cuddle buddy…

Dog Beer With Golden Retrievers in the Background

Dog Beer…You Have to Check this Out!

Never fear, dog beer is here to ensure that you never have to celebrate or tackle a case of the blues without your pooch partner in crime.

Brown Dog Holding Toothbrush

The 8 Best Dog Toothpaste’s Your Pup Should Be Using Tonight!

According to veterinarians, it is vital to your dog’s overall health.

White Lab Licking an Ice Cream Cone

Dog Ice Cream…Why it’s (Not) Okay to Feed it to Your Pup!

Ice cream specially made for dogs and formulated to meet the needs of their digestive systems exists.

Dog Days Atlanta Office With Beautiful Sky

28 Reasons You Need to Take Your Pup to Dog Days Atlanta…

Close that Instagram app, grab that latte, and let’s do this.

Little Brown Dog With a Carrot in His Mouth

9 Totally Natural Snacks Your Dog Will Love!

Is your dog a snack-a-holic?

Black Shock Collar on a White Dog's Neck

Shock Collars…Are They a Good Idea For Your Dog?

Excessive barking, jumping and other behaviors we humans view as unacceptable has led to the manufacturing of a “quick fix” collar for dogs: the shock collar. Shock collars were originally designed in the 1960s to train hunting dogs to halt on command.  Today these collars have found many other uses, such as stopping incessant barking,…

Little Brown Dog Wearing Blue Shoes

This is Why You Should Get Dog Shoes For Your Pup!

We love our canine companions but who wants to clean up the muddy mess after Fido has been outside tromping through the mud?

Dog Sitting in a Big Pile of Dog Toys

7 Best Indestructible Dog Toys You Must Get Your Dog!

Don’t waste anymore money on dog toys that don’t stand up to the powerful playtime of your furry companion.

black and white cat chasing a laser pointer

The Cat Laser Pointer – The Science Behind the Fascination

What do we really know about this dot?