Pug Smiling at Dog Park

Here’s How to Find a “Good” Dog Park!

Learn the insider secrets of finding the best dog park possible!

Dog Drinking Water out of Fountain

How Much Water Should Your Dog Really Drink?

It’s important for us to know what is and what isn’t normal for our pets.

Poodle with Broken Leg in Camo Cast

What is Pet Insurance and is it Worth it?

With all the things we do for and with our beloved pet companions we may not think of pet insurance as one of them.

Dog at Veterinarian Office

The Cons and Pros of Microchipping Your Pet

Here’s the basics of what’s good—and not so good—about microchips.

Lyme Disease in Dogs Dog at Vet

Help! My Dog has Lyme Disease

In an attempt to save you from panic-induced googling, here’s the gist of Lyme disease.

Small Dog in Red Dog Cart in Field

For Dogs That Can’t Walk…Dog Wheelchairs

Dog wheelchairs are usually given to dogs who have Degenerative Myelopathy.

Blind Malamute Laying Down Outside

How To Care For a Blind Dog. Trust Us, it’s Not That Hard!

Don’t leave him behind simply because he can’t see where you are going.

Beagle with Stuffed Animal "Flea"

Know How to Prevent and Treat Fleas Before You Get Them!

Don’t let the threat infect your pet.

Smiling Face Pug UTI

How Dogs Get Urinary Tract Infections and How to Prevent Them

Urinary tract infections are unfortunately quite common in dogs.

FELV Positive Cat in House

How Do Cats Get Feline Leukemia Virus and How Do I Prevent It?

The number one cause of death in household cats.

Cat FIV Microscopic Sample in Lab

How to Prevent Cat FIV

You might have no idea of the kind of viral monsters are hiding in your poor cat’s body.

Pug Standing in the Sun Streaked Grass

How Long Do Pugs Live?

There are several things that contribute to the aging process of your pupster.

Sick Dog with Ear Flopped Out on Ground

So Your Dog keeps Shaking his Head? Here’s Why!

Have you noticed that your dog is shaking it’s head more than normal?

Weinreimer Hacking and Coughing

Why Does My Dog Keeps Hacking? Here’s Why!

Read to discover some common reasons why your beloved fur baby may be hacking-up-a-storm, fuzz not included!

DiOGi Pet Services Logo on Mug

16 Reasons You Need to Take Your Pet to DiOGi Pet Services & Training

DiOGi is an innovative pet sitting service that will not only work with your schedule, but will also work with the unique needs of your “furry, feathered, or scaly baby.”

Housetraining a Pekingese

The 16 Breeds that are the Hardest to Potty-Train and Why!

Training the average dog to go outside for their business takes consistency, confidence and a great deal of patience. If you are struggling to potty train your pooch, he may be one of many the dogs on our list of the 16 dog breeds that are the hardest to potty train.

Leopard Gecko Crawling Out of Log

Help! My Leopard Gecko Isn’t Eating. What Do I Do?

Don’t panic! Yes, this is easier said than done, but there are several mundane reasons a leopard gecko may stop eating for a short time.

Shepherd with Conjunctivitis

Is Your Dog Crying? Find Out If It’s Even Possible?!

Have you ever noticed tears coming from your dog’s eyes? Like all creatures, your dog has tear ducts at the corner of his eyes which keep the eye from drying out. When functioning properly, these ducts take the excess liquid from the eyes and drain it into the nose or throat. If the tear duct becomes compromised by a blockage…

Inside of Dog's Ear Flap

How to Clean a Dog’s Ears: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re routinely cleaning your dog’s ears, you’ll be more alert to signs of infection, which means that any issues that do develop can be treated sooner, which is a good thing. Here is a step-by-step guide to properly clean your dog’s ears, a relief to both you and your pup.

Microscopic Bordetella Virus

How Do Dogs Get Kennel Cough?

Don’t let the name fool you, kennel cough isn’t the only place your dog can catch kennel cough. Where there are dogs, there is kennel cough. With the dreaded kennel cough virus lurking around every corner, dog owners are asking themselves—just how do dogs get kennel cough?