Teaching your Chihuahua to use the bathroom can be easy if you follow the right steps.

Here we are going to discuss how to help your little buddy know where to do their business.

With some patience and sticking to the plan, you’ll have a well-trained Chihuahua in no time!

Pick the Right Spot

First things first, choose a good spot for your Chihuahua to go potty.

Here’s what to think about:

  • Make it easy to get to: Pick a place your Chihuahua can reach without trouble.
  • Keep it the same: Always use the same spot so your dog doesn’t get confused.
  • Keep it safe: Make sure it’s a secure place, away from anything that might harm them.

Since Chihuahuas are small, choose a spot that’s convenient and comfy for them.

Set Up a Routine

Now, let’s get your Chihuahua on a bathroom schedule.

Here’s what you do:

  • Decide when they’ll go: Choose certain times for potty breaks and stick to them.
  • After eating and naps: Take your Chihuahua outside after they eat or wake up from a nap.
  • Praise and treats: When they do it outside, give them treats and tell them they did a great job.

The key is to do this every day, so your Chihuahua learns the routine.

Potty train Chihuahua
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Say Good Things

Using nice words and rewards is super important when you’re training your Chihuahua.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Give treats and say nice things: Right after your Chihuahua does their business outside, give them a treat and tell them they did good.
  • Be patient: If they have accidents inside, don’t get mad. Just gently take them outside.
  • Use a special word: Say a word like “potty” when they go outside, so they know what it means.

By being nice and giving rewards, your Chihuahua will learn that going potty outside is a good thing.

Dealing with Accidents

Accidents can happen while you’re teaching your Chihuahua. Here’s what to do:

  • Stay calm: Don’t get upset. Just clean up the mess.
  • Clean it up well: Use a special cleaner to get rid of the smell.
  • Change your plan: If your Chihuahua has lots of accidents, maybe adjust your potty schedule.

Your Chihuahua is learning, so stay patient and gentle when they make mistakes.

Stick to the Plan

The most important thing is to keep doing the same things every day.

Remember these things:

  • Keep the schedule: Don’t forget to take your Chihuahua outside at the right times.
  • Praise and rewards: Always tell them they did well and give treats.
  • Be patient: Every dog learns at their own pace.

Common Challenges and How to Handle Them

While teaching your Chihuahua to use the bathroom, you might come across some common problems. Let’s look at these challenges and how to deal with them.

potty train chihuahua
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1. Marking Spots

Male Chihuahuas, especially, may want to mark their territory by peeing in different places. To address this:

  • Get them neutered: This can help reduce marking behavior.
  • Watch them closely indoors: If they start to mark, redirect them outside.
  • Use rewards: Praise and give treats when they go outside.

2. Going Backwards

Sometimes, your Chihuahua may forget what they’ve learned and have accidents again. Here’s what to do:

  • Go back to basics: Stick to the schedule more strictly.
  • Check for health issues: Make sure there are no health problems causing accidents.
  • Stay calm and keep going: Be patient and use rewards like before.

3. Fear of Outside

Your Chihuahua might be scared to go outside for potty breaks. To help them feel better:

  • Take small steps: Start with short trips outside, and gradually make them longer.
  • Use rewards: Give them treats and play with them outside.
  • Make it fun: Bring toys and make the outdoor potty area enjoyable.

4. Bad Weather Blues

Sometimes, extreme weather can make it tough to go outside. To handle this:

  • Get the right gear: Buy a raincoat or boots if it’s rainy or snowy.
  • Offer indoor options: You can use puppy pads or create a special indoor potty area in tough weather.
  • Keep the schedule: Don’t skip potty breaks even if the weather is bad.

Remember, each Chihuahua is different, so you might need to try a few things to solve these challenges.

Just stay patient and keep at it, and you and your Chihuahua will work through these issues together.


Teaching your Chihuahua to use the bathroom isn’t always a smooth journey, but with love, patience, and sticking to the plan, you’ll get there.

By picking the right spot, setting a routine, using kind words and rewards, handling accidents calmly, and addressing common challenges, you’ll help your Chihuahua become a pro at potty time.

Stick with it, and soon you’ll have a well-trained and happy Chihuahua buddy by your side.

You can explore further information on RSPCA or ASPCA related to your pet.

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Q1: How long does it usually take to potty train a Chihuahua?

Potty training time can vary from dog to dog, but on average, it might take a few weeks to a few months. Be patient and consistent, and your Chihuahua will catch on.

Q2: My Chihuahua is scared of going outside. What can I do?

Start with short outdoor trips, use treats and toys to make it fun, and gradually increase the time outside. Over time, your Chihuahua should become more comfortable.

Q3: Can I use puppy pads for potty training my Chihuahua?

Yes, puppy pads can be a helpful tool, especially in bad weather. However, it's essential to transition them to outdoor potty training gradually.

Q4: What if my Chihuahua continues to mark indoors even after being neutered?

While neutering can reduce marking behavior, it might not eliminate it entirely. Continue with positive reinforcement, watch them closely, and consult a vet if the problem persists.